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Award winning creative production studio, specialising in the combination of CGI, motion graphics and live production.


High end CGI for Animation & illustration


Motion Graphics & Visual Effects


Film production & Aerial production across the UK/Europe


Established in 2005, Sparkle* is an award winning creative studio specialising in 3D modelling, Animation, Motion Graphics & CGI. Using our distinct style, we help customers tell their stories through motion and print.


We bring an intelligent and future proofed approach to everything we do.


Our in-house team add value and expertise at every stage of the process, from consultation and initial design ideas through to post production; utilising multiple creative techniques in between to balance creative vision with technical expertise. We deliver the best content for your needs, supplied in a way that works across multiple media, markets and audiences.


We are a collective of technical and artistic directors working in film and animation. Sparkle* is not a full service agency, we like to use our 20 years of experience collaborating with agencies and allowing them to expand their existing skill set as needed.



Janine Nuttall

Studio Manager

Glenn Maguire

Creative Director

Steven Maguire

Lead Animator


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Our talented 3D artists bring together a varied skill set with specialist expertise, with an exceptional ability to create photorealistic images at the highest quality using cutting-edge techniques. We can help create assets to be easily repurposed and re-used with our digital toolkits for animation or print.


Our animators remit is to create beautiful and engaging stories. Capable of helping from developing the initial concepts all the way through to final composite, our team of artists can help bring any idea to life.


Our motion graphics work has been connecting with audiences, people and places around the globe since 2005. Through engaging narrative, we create memorable and imaginative worlds to showcase a diverse range of subjects and brands.


Our production & post production team have over 30 years of experience between them, providing solutions to all of your high end film & animation productions. With significant investment in our production capabilities & 4K production, ensuring you get the best quality, future proofed product. Now included in our production kit is the use of the 4K stabiliser, DJI Ronin & the DJI 4K aerial filming platform.


Visual Effects is a powerful part of our pipeline & holds endless creative opportunities when combined with CGI, photography or live-action productions. Working in partnership or independently, our VFX artists combine their enthusiasm & skills with innovative technologies to push expectations, whatever the brief. Our VFX capabilities range from full live-action & on-set technical direction to motion control, matte painting, set extensions, simulations, compositing & 2D FX.


We offer true multi-platform post-production services whether that be working in partnership with outside production companies, or as part of our own complete production to deliver remarkable results whether you need 30,000 pixel print images or 4k-film footage. Our services include: 2D print retouching, compositing, finishing, editing, colour grading, VO, sound FX, conforming and outputting/mastering/versioning.


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    Playing with paper....

    Organic Modelling

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Some of our clients we’ve had the pleasure of working with

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